Preschool – This program is designed to teach children movement, strengthen and develop muscle control, and to enhance self-discipline. It offers a basic introduction to tap, beginnings of ballet and jazz, along with basic tumbling. Our goal is to make their dance experience a fun one, to build their self confidence, and make them the best they can be!

Kinder Dance – This program is a combination of tap, ballet, and jazz.  Students will learn techniques and terms associated with tap, ballet, and jazz training. In this program, we continue to increase the difficulty of steps and routines while combining song and dance.
Tap – Combines the elements of agility and movement with tap sounds with perfecting speed and sound quality. From the many  types of tap from hoofing, to Broadway, funky, and many more. Tap is the form of dance in which you use your feet to make rhythmic  sounds. It increases your child’s precision and increases their coordination.  

Ballet – This form of dance works on building and strengthening your child’s body and forms grace, beauty, poise, and most important posture. As your child increases in their dance education, they begin work on the use of the ballet Barres and center floor work.

Hip Hop –This program is today’s form of dance that works with the generation of music. It is an energetic and expressive form of dance that includes but not limited to body isolations, movement, style, energy, and the interpretation. It includes the up beat music and latest hit dances.
Jazz – This form of dance covers all generations of music from the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, and even later. Students learn to develop their own style and self control of their bodies.

Pointe – Pointe is for those serious dancers who are willing to practice daily. It is for the student who wants to develop their ballet technique to the next level. It is offered at the age of 12 at teachers recommendation.
Lyrical – A form of dance that combines the dance styles of jazz and ballet into one that expresses emotions and feelings through the use of music lyrics.

Musical Theatre This form of dance combines song with dance expressing a story line from a movie, play, broadway musical, or a character piece. 

  Technique - This form helps in working on progressions, leaps, turns, isolations, stretches, and combinations. This helps in strengthening  the body to become a better dancer.
Adult Tap & Jazz Classes  This is an advanced-beginning tap and jazz class for adults who want to improve flexibility, learn basic dance skills, be in a group environment, and HAVE FUN! Recital is optional.


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